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Geometric proof of artificiality is claimed.

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The new Queen Face compared to Nefertiti and the Crowned Face

An interview I did on The Moore Show



A 10 minute video on the spherical geometry between some formations


A 2 hour video, on 3 papers I published on Martian Faces


The Square Mesa


The roof peeled off a hollow hill


Walls and rooms on Mars



Two hyperbolic shaped formations on Mars

The High Face in the King’s Valley

The Crowned Figure in the King’s Valley

A fish sculpture in the King’s Valley

A second fish sculpture in the King’s Valley

The Coin Face in the King’s Valley

Could this be the sculptor of the King Face


Road like formations out of hollow hills

Parabolic dams


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 Space Exploration, issue 2, 2015:

On the King’s Valley

On the ferns

On the dams

A published paper at JSE on the Square Mesa formations, available here.

A published paper at JSE on the Hollow Hill formations, available here.

A new published paper at JSE on the King’s Valley, available here.

A published paper at JSE on the Meridiani Face, available here.

 A published paper at JSE on the Nefertiti Face available here.

A published paper at JSE on the King's Valley available here. 



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4th May 2011: The Martian artist exposed plus two fish:

14th October 2010: More faces near Nefertiti:

4th September 2010: the Amphitheatre reimaged:

4th September 2010: Another face above Nefertiti:

2nd September 2010: E0301768 reimaged:

1st September 2010: Second Crowned Face reimaged:

1st September 2010: Another possible Crowned Face:

1st September 2010: The Profile Crowned Face reimaged:

31st August 2010: Crowned Face reimaged:

24th May 2009: Dam like structures:

16th January, 2008: Spaceman 2:

11th July 2007: A fifth Crowned Face:

10th July 2007: The Crowned Face noses:

3rd July 2007: A Crowned Face in Profile:

19th June 2007: The KK Face and Cydonia Face overlaid:

15th June 2007: The KK Face and Crowned Face overlaid:

16th April 2007: The Crowned Face and Cydonia Face overlaid:

27th March 2007: More Youtube videos on Mars here:

27th February 2007: A theory of Mars:

23rd September 2006: Cydonia Pentad reimaged:

20th May 2006: More mound configurations in Cydonia:

29th April 2006: A reimaging of the amphitheater:

29th April 2006: A reimaging of the square mesa:

19th February 2006: A fourth face overlaid:

19th February 2006: Other faces near the King Face:

24th June 2005:Writing shapes near the Cydonia Face:

24th June 2005: More face like shadows on the Cydonia Face:

5th March 05: Skullface found to be probably a natural landform:

4th September 04: The King's Valley

2nd May 04: similar to square mesa:

17th Sept 03: Writing near the D&M Pyramid:

8th Sept 03: The three Kingfaces:

Photo M0203051: (The Kingface Group, Martian Mount Rushmore)

Metaresearch conference mentioning the Kingface and M0804688:

Mr. Luckman's web page on the Kingface:

John Levasseur's web page on the Kingface:

Video on Kingface:

Shape from shading analysis of the kingface:

New York Post story on the Kingface:

Ananova story on the Kingface:

 Photo M0804688 (the first spider photo):

Space.Com article on M0804688:

Second Space.Com article on M0804688:

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Please note. To see other photos of the spider formations like M0804688 visit

Article on Nefertiti and the Skullface in the Journal of Scientific Exploration:

Article "Evidence of Planetary Artifacts":

Peer reviewed journal publications:

High resolution images of the Cydonia face:

Article in Spaceflight Now on SPSR:

Terry James' Face at Meridiani:

The second Nefertiti image:

Photo FHA00533 (The Spaceman):

Photo M0401833 (crater and hill):Photo SP243304 (the angel):

Photo M0303960 (the amphitheatre):

Photo M2001848 (square mesa):

Images correlated to a previous Martian pole:

Photo EO100172:

Geometric forms in Cydonia:

Some mounds near the Cydonia face:

Shape from shading on the face:

Geometrical patterns on the last Face photo:

Language features:

Thumbnails of features similar to Cydonia:

Analysis of the Cydonia THEMIS image:

A possible building method for the face:

Shadows forming other features on the Face:

Photo M0404205:

Photo EO300331 (the arrow):

Photo EO202036 (water signs in Cydonia):

Photo EO301281: (water signs in Cydonia):

Photo EO102244: (water signs in Cydonia):

Photo EO301847 (water signs in Cydonia):