Martian Anomalies

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The new Queen Face compared to Nefertiti and the Crowned Face


A 2 hour video. This goes through 3 papers I published on Martian Faces.


The Square Mesa


Roof peeled off a hollow hill.



Wall like shapes on Mars.


Hyperbolas on Mars.

The High Face in the King's Valley


The Crowned Figure in the King's Valley


A fish sculpture in the King;s Valley


A second fish sculpture in the King's Valley


The Coin Face in the King's Valley




For my Coast to Coast appearance: Some of the images discussed are here:

See my 3 papers in the Journal of

 Space Exploration, issue 2, 2015:

On the King’s Valley

On the ferns

On the dams

This is a published paper at JSE on the Square Mesa formations, available here.

This is a published paper at JSE on the Hollow Hill formations, available here.

This is a new published paper at JSE on the King’s Valley, available here.

This is a published paper at JSE on the Meridiani Face, available here.

This is a published paper at JSE on the Nefertiti Face available here.

This is a published paper at JSE on the King's Valley available here. 



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24th May 2011: The Martian artist exposed plus two fish:

14th October 2010: More faces near Nefertiti:

4th September 2010: the Amphitheatre reimaged:

4th September 2010: Another face above Nefertiti:

2nd September 2010: E0301768 reimaged:

1st September 2010: Second Crowned Face reimaged:

1st September 2010: Another possible Crowned Face:

1st September 2010: The Profile Crowned Face reimaged:

31st August 2010: Crowned Face reimaged:

24th May 2009: Dam like structures:

16th January, 2008: Spaceman 2:

11th July 2007: A fifth Crowned Face:

10th July 2007: The Crowned Face noses:

3rd July 2007: A Crowned Face in Profile:

19th June 2007: The KK Face and Cydonia Face overlaid:

15th June 2007: The KK Face and Crowned Face overlaid:

16th April 2007: The Crowned Face and Cydonia Face overlaid:

27th March 2007: More Youtube videos on Mars here:

27th February 2007: A theory of Mars:

23rd September 2006: Cydonia Pentad reimaged:

20th May 2006: More mound configurations in Cydonia:

29th April 2006: A reimaging of the amphitheater:

29th April 2006: A reimaging of the square mesa:

19th February 2006: A fourth face overlaid:

19th February 2006: Other faces near the King Face:

24th June 2005:Writing shapes near the Cydonia Face:

24th June 2005: More face like shadows on the Cydonia Face:

5th March 05: Skullface found to be probably a natural landform:

4th September 04: The King's Valley

2nd May 04: similar to square mesa:

17th Sept 03: Writing near the D&M Pyramid:

8th Sept 03: The three Kingfaces:

Photo M0203051: (The Kingface Group, Martian Mount Rushmore)

Metaresearch conference mentioning the Kingface and M0804688:

Mr. Luckman's web page on the Kingface:

John Levasseur's web page on the Kingface:

Video on Kingface:

Shape from shading analysis of the kingface:

New York Post story on the Kingface:

Ananova story on the Kingface:

 Photo M0804688 (the first spider photo):

Space.Com article on M0804688:

Second Space.Com article on M0804688:

Hieronimus and Company article on M0804688:

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Links to articles on M0804688:

Please note. To see other photos of the spider formations like M0804688 visit

Article on Nefertiti and the Skullface in the Journal of Scientific Exploration:

Article "Evidence of Planetary Artifacts":

Peer reviewed journal publications:

High resolution images of the Cydonia face:

Article in Spaceflight Now on SPSR:

Terry James' Face at Meridiani:

The second Nefertiti image:

Photo FHA00533 (The Spaceman):

Photo M0401833 (crater and hill):Photo SP243304 (the angel):

Photo M0303960 (the amphitheatre):

Photo M2001848 (square mesa):

Images correlated to a previous Martian pole:

Photo EO100172:

Geometric forms in Cydonia:

Some mounds near the Cydonia face:

Shape from shading on the face:

Geometrical patterns on the last Face photo:

Language features:

Thumbnails of features similar to Cydonia:

Analysis of the Cydonia THEMIS image:

A possible building method for the face:

Shadows forming other features on the Face:

Photo M0404205:

Photo EO300331 (the arrow):

Photo EO202036 (water signs in Cydonia):

Photo EO301281: (water signs in Cydonia):

Photo EO102244: (water signs in Cydonia):

Photo EO301847 (water signs in Cydonia):