Profile Crowned Face

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Below is the original MOC image of this face, which is clearer in the HiRise image:

Description: C:\Users\Greg\Documents\4cf_files\image001.png


The face can also be seen above with a different right eye, the small nose shape look more like an eye in the new image.

Description: C:\Users\Greg\Documents\4cf_files\image002.png

Formerly F looked more like an eye though it could also be an eye in the new image, perhaps looking like a different face

At different sun angles.  The new nose shape is invisible in the old image, its tip would be around H.


Description: C:\Users\Greg\Documents\4cf_files\image003.jpg

A shows the apex of the crown which extends past the ridge, which is unlikely to be formed naturally. B shows this area

Bulges outwards which is consistent with the idea of this face being more three dimensional and turned to the side. C

Shows and eye shape with D showing an iris. E shows a faint eye shape and F another iris. G shows a faint nose shape.

H is a ridge consistent with a mouth shape and I is another ridge consistent with a chin. J is a jawline shape. K is an ear shape.

L is a cheekbone shape.

Description: C:\Users\Greg\Documents\4cf_files\image004.jpg