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This is taken from a HiRise image and is found opposite the Crowned Face in the King’s Valley.

A shows a hat or hair shape, the striations may be from dunes or could represent hair. B shows glass like shapes either to adjust vision or to protect the

eyes from the sun. C shows a nose shape like on the Crowned Faces. D shows an open mouth. E shows a chin. F shows a hand shape holding a pad like a semaphore signaling instrument or perhaps a parabolic reflector. G shows knuckles wrapped around the handle of this. H shows an arm extending to the hand, also probable a sand dune partially obscuring it. I shows a neck thicker than human. J shows the torso, K shows a shape like a pocket or badge on a shirt. L shows the other arm extending outwards to a similar paddle shape at M. N shows block like shapes which may represent buildings in the background.

These paddles may have been used to signal instructions when building large sculptures.   It is highly unlikely that a figure like this would form in this valley with all the other faces by random chance. Also this is far smaller than the Crowned Face, probably as big as the nose so no similar geological processes should make both of them.  

Also on the same cliff face there are two fish shapes which may represent that fishing was done in this valley:

A shows a mouth indentation, B an eye with iris, C a top fin, D a lower fin, and E a tail.


This looks more like a fish that has been killed and partially eaten, so this would represent fish caught and eaten perhaps in the river. A shows an eye, B a nose. C shows an open mouth and the jaw at D looks partially removed as if done when eating it. E looks like gill shapes. F looks like the bones of a fish exposed after the flesh has been removed. G is the tail.

One fish can occur by chance, having two fish around the same size with similar shapes very close to each other opposite the Crowned Face strains credulity.