Kiya and Nefertiti

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This is a new possible face just above the Nefertiti image. I called it Kiya because she was related to Nefertiti. It appears in two images so I superimposed them to make a movie morphing from one image to the other. This makes it easier to see because there are features in both images. The animated GIF is about 5 meg in size and will take some time to download, alternatively there is a movie version about the same size available by clicking here. Below is an outline of the face.

A and B show eyes with irises, C is a dark line consistent with a nose. D is a mouth. E is a line representing the cheek. F and G are the

approximate sides of the crown which is different to Nefertiti. The Crowned Face also has a crown which is similar to Kiya and

Nefertiti. H shows a neck line and I appears to be the top of clothing. J is in the right position for an ear.



This is the animated GIF version: