Can you see the marks in this picture? Beloware the same marks with white dots on them to see more easily. Please be careful to confirm to yourself that the marks exist as described, as the argument follows by force from this premise.

Connecting the marks gives interesting patterns. Three marks in a row at the top, and an arrow pointing to the face mouth. The center mark appears to be out by an error of 1 in 70, which could be from the low resolution of the photo. That is, the middle mark is off center 1 millimeter for every 70 millimeters of line length, which is extremely small.

 The bottom arrow is pointing to the same place exactly on the the face mouth as the previous arrow. Note also how the lines go virtually perfectly through the center of the marks. This is an important point as if they were used in surveying they would have had to be extremely accurate.
    At this point even these line ups are so unlikely that even this small amount of information must prove these marks were artificially constructed. This is important as there are hundreds of times as many line ups still to be shown.